Best Security Keys to Protect Online Accounts in 2021

Best Security Keys to Protect Online Accounts in 2021

With my very simple and humble point of view, I see that the acquisition of one of the security keys for protecting accounts on the Internet is a necessary and important thing for anyone because, unfortunately, in the recent period, we have heard about many hacks that many people have been exposed to, the most famous of them are the owners of YouTube channels , and here the security keys appeared that did not We used to hear about it before, but after these events it gained a very wide reputation, and for those who do not know these keys, in short, it is like the two-factor authentication system for securing accounts so that you have to associate this key with a computer to be able to open your account and this means that even if the hacker has a private password With your account, he will not be able to access it without this key.


Top Security Keys for Protecting Online Accounts:

1. Yubico YubiKey 5 NFC

This key was manufactured by the famous brand Yubico, this key comes in handy when it comes to securing your devices, as it can authenticate with your devices and thus no one can open your accounts except by owning this key in addition to the password, the latter It works with USB-A or NFC and provides compatibility with many services, including Google Chrome, Facebook, and even the LastPass password manager tool, the latter is compact, durable, lightweight and waterproof, the latter costs $ 45.

To purchase the key through Amazon Global: this link

2. FIDO U2F Security Key

This key is cheaper than the previous key and this is because it lacks the bluetooth and wireless connectivity feature, but this does not prevent it that it is one of the best security keys for protecting accounts over the Internet, the latter provides secure access to websites and personal accounts, one of the advantages of this key is that it is compatible with different operating systems Like Windows, Mac, and Linux, this is what makes it affordable in addition to its reasonable price, this safety switch features a compact, foldable design with a rotating aluminum housing that prevents the connector from potential damage during transport, the price of the latter is $ 18.99.

To purchase the key through Amazon Global: this link


3. OnlyKey FIDO2 Security Key

This OnlyKey device has some great features that its competitors lack, thanks to the onboard keyboard that can bypass keyloggers that find their way onto computers and thus can keep online accounts secure in case a computer or website is hacked. Also, one of the advantages of this key is that it supports multiple methods of pairing and offers features such as encrypted backups and self-destruction, which scans the device after a certain number of incorrect attempts, and it also has the ability to update its own program in order to access new features, the price of this key 46 dollars.

To buy the device from Amazon Global: this link

4. HYPERFIDO Mini Security Key

If you always give priority when buying to quality, then this key is really considered among the best security keys for protecting online accounts, as it is manufactured with a semi-indestructible titanium metal structure that is connected to a key chain and features a single button and an LED display to indicate the active status, the device works Via usb only, and this is its only drawback, and of course as it appears it is very small in size, finally the price of this key is 16 dollars.

To buy the key from Amazon Global: this link

5. Kensington VeriMark Fingerprint Key

With this wonderful device, no need to use passwords anymore, as this fingerprint reader with advanced fingerprint technology combines superior dynamic performance with 360-degree readability in addition to anti-theft protection, so you can log in to your PC running system Windows using Microsoft’s built-in Windows Hello login feature with just your fingerprint, it can be used with up to 10 different fingerprints so that multiple users can log in to the same computer.

Since this wonderful key is certified by FIDO U2F, therefore its use is not limited to Windows, but your fingerprint can protect your other based accounts such as Google, Dropbox, GitHub and Facebook using the second factor authentication feature, and this is what really makes it one of the best security keys for protecting accounts online And in the market now, the price of the latter is 39.99 dollars.

To purchase the key through Amazon Global: this link

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