How to measure heart rate and respiratory rate via the iPhone without the Apple Watch?

The Apple Watch offers a number of health tracking features such as measuring vital signs of the body such as heart rate. You can now do the same on your iPhone using the Google Fit app.
The Google Fit application ,in its latest update for the iPhone, now provides the user with the ability to measure the heart rate and breathing rate only through the iPhone camera, without the need for an Apple Watch or any other smart bracelet.
After downloading the Google Fit application on the iPhone or updating it to the latest version – if you already have it installed – you can measure the heart rate using the rear camera by placing your finger on it and then pressing a little.
There is also an option to light the camera flash in order to increase the accuracy of the measurement.
Google tracks subtle changes in the color of your fingers that are dependent on blood flow. The algorithms calculate your heart rate by taking into account lighting, skin tone, age and other factors.

The application also works offline without the need for an internet connection, and the measurement process takes about 30 seconds. Once done, you can decide if you want to save the result for vital signs or not. As for measuring the respiratory rate, it depends on the front camera.

Place your phone on a stable surface with your head and top half clearly visible to the camera. Within half a minute, Google Fit calculates your breathing rate from the change in precise chest movements.

Google had announced these new features in the Google Fit fitness app months ago and provided them first for Pixel phones, then for the rest of the Android phones later, and now it has started providing them for iPhone phones.
Disclaimer: The results of the application are not used for medical purposes or to follow up on pathological conditions, and the application is not a substitute for specialized measuring devices.

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