Report – iPhone 14 phones will come without a traditional SIM!

It is said that Apple will launch the upcoming iPhone 14 phones with an electronic chip only eSIM, but without a port for a traditional nano-SIM chip as usual.


According to analyst Emma Mohr at GlobalData, a company specialized in market research, Apple may not move entirely to the electronic chip once, but will provide versions with a traditional chip port with other versions without a traditional chip, but only with an electronic chip.
Apple began to include the electronic chip or digital eSIM in iPhone phones years ago, since the versions of the iPhone XR, XS, XS Max and the following, but it is not possible to activate it in all countries and on all communication networks.
According to expert analyzes, Apple will eventually abandon the traditional chip in favor of the eSIM electronic chip, whether with next year’s iPhone 14 releases or later versions.
Currently, not all communication networks in all countries support the electronic communication chip, which eliminates the idea of ​​a complete transition to the electronic chip with iPhone 14 phones, except in countries where all communication networks support this type of chip.
The electronic chip eSIM is located within the internal components of the device away from the eyes and hands of the user, unlike the traditional chip made of plastic and silicon that is purchased and inserted into the designated port in the device.

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