Best smart garage door openers available for purchase in 2021

Installing one of the best smart garage door opener devices is a wonderful, important as well as inexpensive thing to make using the garage easier and safer, as these devices will allow you to monitor and control your garage door from your phone and connect it to other smart home devices and security systems, the devices that we will mention in This list is designed to open non-smart doors at the moment, and given that there are dozens of types available in the market, in this article we will discuss the best smart garage door openers currently on the market.

Best Smart Garage Door Opener of the Year:

1. Chamberlain MyQ-G0301

Without exaggeration, this device is considered one of the best smart garage door opening devices that you can rely on to convert your garage door from a regular door to a door that opens in a smart way, this device includes a sensor in addition to a hub that connects to the Wi-Fi network, and when you send an order using a smartphone, It is relayed to the hub, which then moves to the sensor, which in turn activates your garage door and opens it, the application for this device is available for Android and iOS and it allows you to know whether the door is open or not and the possibility of closing or opening it remotely, in addition to also The possibility of pairing the application with the Google Assistant and controlling it through the voice, but you should know that the application does not work through the Alexa voice assistant; The price of this device is approximately 30 dollars.

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2. Tailwind iQ3

This device has a unique feature, if you have an Android phone, you can use the Bluetooth connection in your car to automatically open and close your garage door upon your arrival or departure from the house, as for iPhone users, they must use a separate dongle to enjoy this feature, unfortunately The process of installing this device is not very intuitive, so you may have to hire a technician to install it, as is the case with many similar devices, but other than that, the device is very simple and features many different features, in addition to being compatible with Google and Alexa The device also includes some different versions that have the ability to work with one or more doors. The price of this device is $ 34.99.

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3. NEXX GARAGE Remote Garage

The Nexx Garage device is one of the best smart garage door openers as well, and it is compatible for use with Alexa or Google’s voice assistant, in addition to that, permission can be granted to several people to control this device through its own application, and the application also allows you to know when it was done Open the door and from one side, and the device contains a feature called Just Drive, which is a feature that determines your geolocation to discover when you arrive at home, so that the device will automatically open the door for you upon your arrival, which makes this device one of the preferred options for many people , The device is priced at $ 73.95.

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4. Garadget

While most other devices use a sensor that detects motion to see if your garage door is open or not, Garadget uses a laser that uses a reflective tab that you attach to your door, and despite the development of this technology, it is a bit complicated. During installation where you have to align the laser accurately, the application for this device also gives you many alerts if your door is open or if it remains open for a long time, in addition to the fact that the application works with voice commands for Alexa, Google Assistant or SmartThings and the price of the latter is 89 Dollars.

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5. Genie Aladdin Connect

The last device on our list belongs to a company that has been in the market for a long time, and it contains a sensor that can control up to three different doors and this is what makes it one of the best smart garage door opener devices currently in existence, in addition to that you can add up to 19 virtual keys to give the other two Accessibility and control of the garage door, the app for the device also works with voice commands via Alexa or Google Assistant, and it also works with Samsung’s SmartThings platform, you can also set up a geographic tracking system so that the garage doors open automatically upon your arrival, the latter’s price is $ 55.64.

To buy the device from Amazon Global: Purchase link

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