Best Smart Surveillance Devices for 2021

Best Smart Surveillance Devices for 2021

Surge protection devices are vital and necessary if you want to keep your electronic equipment safe from frequent surges in the electrical current; The latest models of protection devices contain many outlets, which allow you to connect a large number of electrical devices as well as the advantages of smart communication and the ability to monitor energy continuously, in addition to the ability to control these protectors or devices from a smartphone, some of the protectors have a high rating Additional safety features and adjustable wires for more comfort, and since surge protection devices may be necessary in any home, we decided to collect for you in this article the best devices on the market that you can use this year.

Best surge protector

1. TP-Link Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Strip

The best surge protection devices today not only protect electrical appliances, but they also allow all kinds of useful connections. For example, this device provided by TP-Link contains 6 smart ports that can be individually controlled through an application. Provides greater security, while also allowing you to customize devices, set schedules, and turn devices on or off automatically. In addition, this device is compatible with voice commands via Alexa or Google Assistant; If all these features are not enough for you, then you should also know that this device has the ability to monitor energy, and measure the amount of energy consumed by each device connected to it so that you can reduce energy use if necessary, the price of the device on Amazon is $ 54.

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2. Teckin Smart Power Strip

This device is also a distinctive device in the market, and it is ideal for large entertainment systems or complex computer layouts, because it allows you to control the setting of timers and settings for each port separately, in addition to the ability to set shutdown times to reduce or raise the power completely and save energy more, The device also has the ability to be compatible with voice commands via Alexa or Google Assistant. Besides these features, the device comes at only $ 30, which makes it one of the popular options for many people.

3. Belkin BE112230-08 12-Outlet

Belkin has long experience in the manufacture of surge protection devices, and its device is the owner of twelve outlets of professional parts and wonderful options in the market, this device comes with multiple options for wire length and different safety covers, and an energy rating of 3940 joules, Making it suitable enough to protect even the largest of office equipment, there are also several detachable wire clips to direct all your wires and get better organization, this device is priced at $ 24.99.

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4. Tripp Lite 10-Outlet

This device fits with many different electrical gadgets, whether office or home, and contains diagnostic LED lights to warn about the outlet status; The device has many different ports with enough spaces to fit the most difficult adapter sockets, and this is a huge advantage for many people, the wire length of the device is approximately eight feet, and you can also choose versions with coaxial connectors to protect any coaxial connections that may be You have, the latter has a price of $ 34.38.

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5. Globe Electric 7732001 6-Outlet

While most of the surge protectors mentioned above do not give you any different positioning options, this one has a movable vertical swivel that allows you to adjust the orientation of the outlets, this great feature helps you improve your space by organizing many wires in One time, despite the smallness of this device and its low price, as its price is only $ 14, it is able to compatible with huge electronic devices, and there are about six or eight different versions with different ports, you can choose from them as you like.

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