How did Apple harm Facebook’s interests with the new privacy features on the iPhone?

Starting with the iOS 14 update, Apple started introducing the Do Not Track feature, which forces apps to choose the user before tracking their data and activity online.

As most users refuse to be tracked by applications, this negatively affected the amount of data that applications collect about users, as well as the number of users being tracked, which had a direct negative impact on the online advertising economy, as the accuracy of targeting ads to users was reduced.

Of course, many companies that depend on Internet marketing and the provision of advertising services were affected, but the biggest impact hit Facebook – now dead – and cost it billions of dollars.

According to a new report, 80% of Facebook users on iPhone and iPad refused to be tracked by the Ann app, which reduced Facebook’s advertising revenue by 40%.

In 2021, Facebook incurred losses of about 8.1 billion US dollars, and in 2022 it is expected that losses will reach 12.8 billion US dollars due to the anti-tracking options provided by Apple to users.

Not only Facebook, we also have YouTube, whose losses are estimated at 3.4 billion dollars, and Twitter, which incurred losses of 535 million dollars, and measured by the rest of the companies.

Users’ refusal to be tracked by apps means that the apps will collect less information about them, so the ads won’t be as accurate as they were before, so big companies and services that are active in online advertising have to resort to alternative algorithms.

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