VirtualSIM application – get a US or international number to activate WhatsApp and others

How many services may you need other numbers, for example you want to open a WhatsApp account, or need a number for a certain foreign country in order to activate services, such as the two-step verification service for Apple accounts and others, today with the VirtualSIM application you will actually get the numbers you want And from any country.


If you want to use an international phone number in order to communicate with others, for any reason, in order to preserve your privacy, your phone number, in order to communicate with different companies that require a phone number for a particular country, or maybe you need it for your business, and many request this service in order to Activate other WhatsApp accounts for any reason.

VirtualSIM application will provide you with this service, as it allows you to obtain an international phone number of your choice from among 38 different countries, which you can choose between and use in order to activate WhatsApp, communicate or other important business for you.

First of all, when you register in the application, you will get an American phone number, for a trial period of 5 days, then if you like the service, you can rent or rent the appropriate number for you from any country you want (38 countries), for a month.

Where the application allows you to make calls or chat with others for free, or call numbers at the cheapest international rates, and of course you can get credit through paid content

Main features of the application:

International virtual phone numbers from several countries.
US numbers allow you to register on WhatsApp.
Low rates for calls and SMS.
There are no ads.
Alerts feature if messages or calls are received within the application.
The ability to chat with others for free.
Free calls.
Share photos, videos and geographic locations.
Adjust your privacy in terms of presence or otherwise through settings.
You can now have any virtual phone number of your own, rent it to use it in your needs and transactions!

Important alert: The price of some of the numbers you get is landline, and therefore SMS feature is not available, it is better to choose American or British numbers!!


Works on iPhone, iPod-Touch, iPad, and a copy for Android devices.

Compatible operating system: iOS 8.0 or later and Android versions 4.1 and higher.

Suitable: for everyone.

Download the iPhone version

Download the Android version


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