You will not believe! This movie was filmed with an iPhone 13 Pro camera!

You will not believe! This movie was filmed with an iPhone 13 Pro camera!

Apple continues to promote the iPhone camera whenever it gets the chance through Shots On iPhone campaigns, and the last of that is now a short film shot entirely with iPhone 13 Pro lenses.


The film was shot by South Korean director Park Chan-wook, who is credited with many great works of art such as the famous Old Boy.

The film begins with a dark scene and the story begins with the Undertaker exhuming and stealing an ancient coffin in order to bury a hero who saved his village. Then, the movie will take you through mixed feelings between action, excitement, and dramatic moments. Each scene was carefully filmed to eventually produce a distinctive short film that some may consider a masterpiece away from promoting the amazing capabilities of the iPhone in video shooting.

If you dissect the shots, you’ll find that the director made use of all the iPhone 13 Pro’s cameras – there’s macro shots, wide-angle shots, and there’s plenty of heavy use of the new Cinematic Mode.

It seems that Apple did not manipulate much in the video after filming, because when focusing we will find some errors in focus, but they are completely acceptable in general with the film in general.

There is of course a lot of lighting related fixtures, plenty of exterior accessories and fixtures used, all with the extensive experience of the director and photographers. It is also possible that the hands of the world-famous director will help here, but in any case this film can be considered as an inspiration for those interested in making their own films as we see behind the scenes of the filming.

Cinematic Mode on iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max is a way of shooting cinematic video by focusing on the subject – or person – speaking in the scene or of importance and then moving to another person or object seamlessly.

Recently, Apple also launched a global competition for close-up photography, Macro Shots, using iPhone 13 Pro phones as well.

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